How Does Someone Learn – Imitation, Education, Observation

A few days ago, I had been talking with an acquaintance, he noted that “from the moment we’re children up through senior years, we’re doing some kind of mimicking behaviors,” and therefore we should not be too surprised that children attempt to copy the other kids do, just like they mimic their parents. Maybe you have observed that if you notice a mother and daughter enter an outlet, the kid has the very same check out her face, mannerism, as well as gate (the way in which she walks), we I have observed, it is so uncanny it’s practically foreseeable. Let us talk.

The thing is, whether we love to it or otherwise, people copy the things they think is suitable, the things that work, or what they’re told. I simply think people should observe more, if everybody is walking perfectly into a high cliff to leap off it’s not necessary to imitate, change, after which grab your buddies and family and then leave. Are you able to start to see who harmful such behavior could be within the real life? What about the damaged window theory? Should you allow trash to clutter the roads people continuously throw their trash out and litter. Should you allow some graffiti, you will likely see more inside the week.

Now let us take all of this for any greater level, how about China copying US technologies, imitating, as well as stealing our ip. Some have stated it is because within the Chinese culture, you share information and concepts with buddies, and as their most favorite buying and selling partner and buddies clearly we are able to share information. In Western Culture we’ve copyright law, patent law so we see information, ideas, concepts, and the like as personal ip, capital for a moment, a good thing, which does not make lots of sense to individuals other cultures without this type of way of thinking.

Still, now because the tables are switched we have seen that now China features its own intellectual capital plus they like the thought of creating money business ideas, also keep in mind China may be the inventor of numerous things firecrackers were the predecessor to missiles for example. China can also be prepared to think big, huge as with the truly amazing Wall of China, Treasure Fleet, or even the Three Gorges Dam simply to name a couple of in China’s history. Since humans copy, and particularly copy the things that work, maybe it has more details on how humans learn, and why we’re towards the top of the meals chain today. Please consider all of this and think onto it.